BMF and Miss Chicky Update

Today is July 14, 2016. The last real time post made on this blog was on October 8, 2010 when BMF wished Miss Chicky love for her birthday. Life went on and other things took priority and not much interest was spent on other than keeping it an active domain with all the other dozens of domains they have between them. The truth is that on her birthday, October 10, 2015 she and BMF found out he had pancreatic cancer and life was about to take a huge direction change.

On Sunday, April 24, 2016 @ 4:20 PM her BMF died in her arms in the home that he loved. It was peaceful and sad and surrounded by his favorite music, good smells and true love. BMF was just 47 years old.

Miss Chicky wants to bring all the web part of their life together into one spot in tribute to their 17 year love affair. Tumultuous at times but the love never waned. BMF would tell her he fell in love with her more every single day. While death has parted them for now the true romance between them will never fade.